Boxabl – Great Investment or House of Cards?

A popular YouTuber with almost two million subscribers just posted a two-hour video tour and interview with one of Boxabl’s owners but the first part of this video contains some real eye-opening questions about the company.

Kevin Paffrath is an American YouTuber, landlord, investment advisor, and real estate broker.

In 2017, Kevin Paffrath’s dream was to earn over $1 million a year from The Paffrath Organization, the real estate business he owns with his wife, Lauren, in Ventura, California. In 2020, the couple earned $1.075 million in May alone. “It was absolutely surreal,” says Lauren, 30, of the moment they crossed into the seven-figure-a-month territory.

But the bulk of their income isn’t coming from real estate transactions or rental income. The couple makes money through Kevin’s YouTube channel, Meet Kevin, which he started posting to regularly in 2018, as well as numerous affiliate programs. While they don’t bring in seven figures every month — they earned $721,474 in September 2020 — they’re on track to earn more than $6 million total this year.

I sat through Kevin’s entire video and I have to admit, I was super impressed by Boxabl’s factory and the potential of its products but to be honest, after watching the first 12 minutes, I had to wonder if this company was everything it purported to be.

Here is the entire video but the first 12 minutes are where Kevin shares his opinions of what investors should know about Boxabl. It’s easy to watch and very instructive.

Modcoach NOTE: Kevin has been called out about delivering misinformation in the past by other companies and individuals and if you just want to see a great factory tour and an interview with Boxabl’s owner, please, just fast forward past the first 12 minutes.

Also, check out a previous article I published about Boxabl

Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach

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