Chicago’s S.I. Container Builds Holds First Public Factory Open House

Everyone remembers their first time. Factory Open House, that is.

With all the marketing done, preparations in the factory completed, and everyone qued as to what happens when the factory opens its doors to the public, the only thing that you can’t count on is people actually showing up to see your new factory and what you build.

For Rory and Dan Rubin, the co-founders of S.I. Container Builds in Chicago, those Open House jitters quickly melted when people began streaming through the doors. 

Open House

Operating in the U.S. and Canada, S.I. Container Builds, Inc. – S.I. stands for Sustainable Imprints – constructs modern living and workspaces from recycled shipping containers, creating spaces that are functional, attractive, affordable, and have a smaller carbon footprint. From backyard offices and business studios to guest suites and cozy lounges, S.I. Container Builds offers a variety of layouts and customization options to fit whatever needs and visions their clients may have.

S.I. Container Builds debunks a common misconception that container dwellings aren’t practical or comfortable for living. Their builds consist of recycled shipping containers made from Corten steel, a highly durable material that is the weather, rust, and pest resistant. S.I. Container Builds ensures their dwellings are insulated to tackle any climate and that all international building codes are met, making the build process simple and stress-free.

Starting with a recycled structure is a big deal when it comes to building and construction. Roughly 39% of the world’s energy-related CO2 emissions come from traditional building and construction activities. In addition to having a lower carbon footprint, S.I. Container Builds’ dwellings also minimize ground disturbance through the use of helical piles – an anchoring system made from hollow steel tubes – instead of pouring concrete (another big contributor to global emissions).

Besides the shipping container itself, S.I. Container Builds also incorporates recycled and energy-efficient materials into their builds whenever possible. This includes Illume LED lighting, FEMA-approved closed cell spray insulation, and reclaimed wood for interior decor and exterior cladding. Solar options are also available to clients as another means to reduce emissions.

Rory Rubin, CEO of S.I. Container Builds, is committed to growing the company’s sustainability standing by implementing green building practices at every phase of the build process and within all areas of the workplace. Rory is soon to be pursuing her LEED certification to maintain the highest level of standardized practice in green buildings.

Open House

With over 100 people touring their homes in the factory, Rory and Dan Rubin will probably be holding a lot more Open Houses, especially with some of the attendees making appointments to have S.I. Container Homes help design and build their new homes.

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