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Need financing for your new prefab home in Waialua? The team here at has many years of industry experience helping new shoppers get the help they need. No matter what kind of home you choose, we can put you in touch with lenders that specialize in Home Only loans, Land/Home Packages, specialty manufactured home loans, FHA/VA loans, and more. Once you find the perfect home in Waialua, just head over to our section on financing for prefab homes and let us handle the rest.

Interested in buying a new modular home in Waialua, Hawaii? There’s never been a better time for home shoppers to discover why a prefab modular or manufactured home is the best option. Modern modular homes are nearly identical to site-built homes in every way, even when it comes to financing your home. The only real difference is that they’re built in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled factory, instead of out in the elements. Check out the floor plans below and see how easy it is to find a home that perfectly fits your needs.

Why choose modular homes in Waialua? A modern modular home is built indoors in a high tech factory environment that uses cutting edge construction and automation technology. Your new prefab home will be built in a controlled, regulated environment with a strong focus on quality assurance at every step of manufacturing. That means you never have to worry about rain, wind, or any other harsh elements found in Hawaii during the building process. Rest assured that your new modular home will be completed on time with zero delays!

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Waialua, Hawaii Area Overview

Wondering what it’s like to live in Waialua, Hawaii? We understand that choosing a place to live is almost as important as choosing a modular or manufactured home that’s right for you. Take a look below and see what the area has to offer. Compare the average cost of a traditional stick-bult home in Waialua with that of a prefab home, and see why factory built is the right choice. We also have lots of helpful links that can help you explore Waialua and get a better idea of what it’s like to live there.

Housing Market Trends


Average starting cost of a modular home
* This price is only representative of the cost of home construction. The average cost of land and site prep is approximately $75,000, but varies greatly in metropolitan areas

$970 - $1,940

Average Monthly Payment
(includes land and site prep costs)
* This price range is based on a purchase price of $180,000 - $360,000, down payment of 3%, closing costs of $5,400 - $10,800, 30 year term, and 5% APR.

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