VBC Giving Foundation Launches New Modular Veterans Village – with Video

The VBC Giving Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves as the philanthropic arm of Volumetric Building Companies (VBC). Their mission is to provide respectable, safe, and quality housing for everyone, including veterans and vulnerable communities. The foundation is launching the Bernard Spain Campus, a 47-unit permanent housing community in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia.

This $6 million project will serve as a template for future modular housing projects that will cater to seniors, veterans, children aging out of foster care, abuse survivors, and refugees. This initiative is the first project spearheaded by the VBC Giving Foundation and is expected to replicate the innovative, modular housing model in other parts of the United States and around the world.

Dana Spain, President of the Board of the VBC Giving Foundation, highlighted that this launch is a stepping stone in realizing the potential of modular housing models to serve America’s veterans and other vulnerable communities. She also expressed her gratitude to the donors and partners who have supported the project, acknowledging that their support is critical in helping individuals and families achieve their own version of the American Dream.

One of the foundation’s key partners is Saint-Gobain, a worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction. Mark Rayfield, President and CEO of Saint-Gobain North America, and CertainTeed, highlighted their shared commitment to providing solutions to address affordable housing needs for underserved veterans. The company contributed over $175,000 in siding and insulation products, as well as monetary donations. The employees also provided their support, solutions, and expertise to the Veterans Village project.

The launch of the Veterans Village is timely, given the increasing number of veterans facing conditions of abject poverty, homelessness, and housing insecurity. The COVID-19 pandemic has also intensified the need to address this “quiet crisis” affecting numerous communities in need. According to the National Library of Medicine Report, in 2023, there is a continued need to dedicate public and private sector resources to addressing the epidemic of veteran homelessness across sociodemographic groups. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that roughly 40,056 veterans are homeless on any given night, of whom 4,300+ are women, and an astounding 70% of homeless women veterans are also single mothers.

In conclusion, the launch of the Bernard Spain Campus is a significant milestone for the VBC Giving Foundation and its partners. This modular housing project will serve as a template for future projects, providing respectable, safe, and quality housing for veterans and vulnerable communities. With the support of its donors and partners, the VBC Giving Foundation is committed to addressing the affordable housing needs of underserved communities across the United States and around the world.

Gary Fleisher

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Gary Fleisher

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