VBC Plans Include UK Modular Factory

Congrats to Vaughan Buckley and the entire Volumetric Building Companies staff in looking to expand across the pond in England. I’ve been watching this company grow to become one of the biggest powerhouses in modular construction. Their success won’t stop there. Look for them to become innovators in the offsite construction industry.

VBC is on track to become a $1bn modular construction business over the next three years.

As part of a European expansion push, the Philadelphia headquartered firm aims to build a UK factory following the merger with Polish steel modular manufacturer Polcom earlier this year.

VBC now has more than 500 employees and over 1.25m sq ft of manufacturing space in the US and Europe, offering advanced steel-framed modular and innovative timber construction technologies.

Andy Smith, UK Director of VBC, said: “We now have a dedicated management team in place in the UK and there are plans to have an offsite manufacturing facility for VBC here, in addition to our existing and extensive modular production resources in mainland Europe.”

“Our aim in the next three years is to secure a strong order pipeline in our target sectors in the UK – student accommodation, build-to-rent, affordable housing, defense, custodial, and hotels – and to raise the profile of VBC here, ahead of our expansion into Western Europe.

He added: “We are already in advanced discussions with a number of hotel groups, private developers, major contractors, and social housing providers.

“We have dominated the hospitality and affordable housing spaces in other countries with our innovative timber volumetric and steel-framed offsite solutions.

“We also manufacture ‘components’ in-house – such as bathrooms and cabinets for kitchens and bedrooms – giving us complete control and security of supply for fixtures, fittings and finishes from design to manufacture, installation and handover.”

Vaughan Buckley, CEO of VBC said, “We have tremendous capabilities in the engineering and delivery of advanced modular solutions and buildings which are fully finished and even furnished offsite.

“Having technology-led production facilities on multiple continents, we are now well placed to drive change, transform construction, and address the housing crisis in the UK, Europe, US, and globally.”

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