BOXABL and Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (DLMI) Announce Strategic Partnership for Developing BOXABL Villages

BOXABL, a company known for its innovative approach to building homes, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (DLMI), further enhancing the scope of their housing projects. This collaboration, named BOXABL Villages, aims to revolutionize the way communities are designed, developed, and built.

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Through this partnership, BOXABL and DLMI will leverage their collective expertise to streamline the construction process, significantly reducing the time from groundbreaking to when residents can move into their new homes. DLMI’s innovative approach to finance, particularly its use of security tokens alongside traditional financing methods, promises to open up unique opportunities for the growth and scalability of these villages.

Galiano Tiramani, Co-Founder of BOXABL, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, which has been built on a strong foundation of collaboration and mutual respect since 2018. “Working with Brian and DLMI has been a pleasure, and it’s thrilling to see how our joint efforts are coming to fruition with the development of BOXABL Villages,” said Tiramani. He highlighted DLMI’s impressive growth, expertise, and credibility in the past year, making them ideal partners for this ambitious project. Tiramani also expressed confidence in tokenization as a transformative trend in financing, with DLMI poised to lead in this arena.

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Echoing Tiramani’s sentiments, Brian J. Esposito, CEO of Diamond Lakes Minerals, Inc., remarked on the significance of this partnership not only for both companies but also for DLMI’s shareholders. “It’s a monumental day for us at DLMI, and I’m proud to advance this visionary project alongside BOXABL,” said Esposito. He also emphasized DLMI’s commitment to addressing the need for affordable housing solutions through the BOXABL Village concept.

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This partnership marks a significant step forward in creating sustainable and affordable living spaces, showcasing how innovation in construction and financing can come together to benefit communities. Both companies are excited to see the positive impact their collaboration will have on the future of housing.


Gary Fleisher is a renowned blogger, consultant, and commentator on construction and housing trends, known for his insightful analysis of the industry.

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