Boxabl Displays at an Albuquerque Home Show

The future of affordable and sustainable living has made a grand entrance in the form of Boxabl’s revolutionary modular homes, now showcased at a home show in Albuquerque. This marks a significant milestone for Boxabl, a company that has been at the forefront of redefining residential spaces with its compact, foldable designs. With the unveiling of these homes, the company is not just introducing a product; it’s heralding a new way of living that promises to tackle the urgent need for efficient housing solutions.

Boxabl: Unboxing the future of prefab

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Boxabl’s modular homes are a marvel of modern engineering and design. Imagine a home that arrives folded, compact, and ready to be unfolded into a cozy, fully functional casita in less than a day. That’s the reality Boxabl offers. The installation process is astonishingly quick, transforming a folded unit into a livable space with minimal effort and time.


But it’s not just the installation that’s turning heads; it’s the completeness of these homes. Equipped with all the necessary appliances, these casitas are almost ready to live in from the moment they’re unfolded. The only thing missing is a bed, but with space thoughtfully allocated for a bed, a couch, and a TV, residents have the freedom to personalize their space to their liking. The inclusion of a full kitchen and bathroom ensures that comfort and functionality are never compromised.


Starting at $95,000, Boxabl’s modular homes are positioned as a potential game-changer in the housing market, offering an affordable solution to the growing demand for accessible, eco-friendly living spaces. Moreover, the customization options are a testament to Boxabl’s commitment to catering to individual preferences. Whether it’s adding an outdoor deck to enjoy the sunset or modifying the exterior for a cabin-like feel, these homes are designed to adapt to the desires of their inhabitants.



As Boxabl’s innovative modular homes hit the market, they represent more than just a housing solution; they signify a shift towards more sustainable, efficient, and personalized living. With their debut in Albuquerque, these homes are set to challenge traditional housing norms and offer a glimpse into the future of residential design. Boxabl is not just selling homes; it’s selling a vision of a world where everyone has access to affordable, quality housing.


Gary Fleisher is a renowned blogger and commentator on construction and housing trends, known for his insightful analysis of the industry.

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