Finding the Perfect Leader for Your Modular Factory: Top 3 Must-Haves

When you’re on the hunt for a new General Manager (GM) for your modular factory, you want someone who’s not just good but great. This person needs to be a superhero in managing, leading, and making sure your factory stays on top of its game. Let’s break down the three big things you should look for, in simple terms, to find the right fit for your factory.


1. A Big Dreamer Who Makes Plans Happen

First up, you need someone who can dream big but also turn those dreams into reality. Modular factories are all about being modern and ahead of the curve. So, your new GM should be someone who’s always thinking about the future. They should be able to see what’s coming up in the industry and make plans to keep your factory leading the pack. This means they’re really good at making plans, figuring out what the factory needs to stay ahead, and finding new ways to make things better and more exciting.

2. A Master of Making Things Run Smoothly

Next, it’s super important that your new GM knows how to make everything in the factory run like clockwork. Modular factories are all about putting things together quickly and efficiently, so your GM should be obsessed with making things run better, faster, and cheaper (without dropping quality). They should know all about keeping things tidy and organized, cutting down on waste, and making sure everyone knows how to do their job the best way possible. This means they’re really good at solving problems, making smart choices based on data, and always looking for ways to do things better.

3. A People Person Who Brings Out the Best in Everyone

Last but definitely not least, your new GM needs to be amazing with people. A factory works best when everyone’s working together happily and effectively. Your GM should know how to talk to people, listen to their ideas and problems, and help everyone feel like they’re an important part of the team. They should make the workplace a place where everyone feels welcome and excited to work. This means they’re really good at communicating, they care about their team’s growth and learning, and they know how to motivate everyone to do their best work.

Finding the right General Manager for your modular factory means looking for someone who’s a forward-thinker, a whiz at making operations efficient, and a stellar leader who knows how to support and inspire their team. With these three qualities in your new GM, your factory won’t just succeed; it’ll thrive, innovate, and lead the way in the modular manufacturing world.


Gary Fleisher is a renowned blogger, consultant, and commentator on construction and housing trends, known for his insightful analysis of the industry.

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Gary Fleisher

Gary Fleisher, “The Mod Coach”, has been entrenched in the offsite construction industry for most of his life. Having started his career in the lumber industry, Gary spent decades working with manufactured and modular home producers and homebuilders. For the past 15 years his blog and LinkedIn postings have introduced thousands to the benefits of factory-built construction and have served as a forum for industry professionals to share insights and perspectives. Gary lives in Hagerstown, MD with his wife, Peg.