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Colonial Homes are the modular home style that is perhaps most strongly linked to a specific geographical area. As a result, these factory-built homes are most often found in the southern United States, where warm weather allows their iconic and easily recognizable pillared front porches see the most use. These porches often wrap around the entire house; however, the giant white columns that make Colonial Homes so recognizable are usually only seen in the front of the house.

The classic Colonial style modular home will be at least two stories tall, usually with dormers on the roof as well. This style of home works best for those who are building on a relatively large plot of land and looking for a more spacious home. Colonial Homes are usually categorized as luxury homes mainly due to the two-story design and the relatively large size. These designs offer spaciousness, privacy, and the ability to incorporate options that create distinctive “one of a kind” modular homes. The best way to describe a true Colonial style home is in that they take a modern approach to traditional design.


Average Starting PRice


Average sq. ft.

14-24 weeks

average build time

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Colonial / Custom Colonial I

4 beds
2.5 baths
3404 sqft
42'0" x 76'0"

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